Adventures in publishing: news and noteworthiness


I’m excited to announce that my book, “Buffalo Steel” will be published by Black Rose Writing, this August. The book is a coming of age story that is rooted in the post-Industrial culture of Buffalo, NY after the closing of Bethlehem Steel forced thousands out of work, changing the Queen City’s social and economic stature forever. Buffalo Steel examines the interplay between Catholic sensibilities, the frugality of the city steel left behind and a teenager’s search for identity that leads her away from home, out of her comfort zone and back again. The story follows her exploration to discern who she is, who she isn’t, where she belongs and whether the person she’s been searching for has been inside herself, all along.

Stay tuned for news and developments of that project, including cover designs, the hilarity that is sure to ensue as I shoot and choose new headshots and the agonizing adventures of writing a bio and cover synopsis. In advance of that, please check out the publisher’s website here. BRW is an independent publishing house out of Texas, that creates a wonderful partnership with the authors it represents, a very symbiotic experience in an industry that is too often, well, not.

In addition, an essay of mine is available in a new book out from Familius, “Lessons From My Parents.” That book examines the relationships between parents and children, in all their heartwarming, diverse and often messy glory. It’s a great read for parents and people who were born of parents. Those of you who weren’t, I’m sure it will be an exciting sociological experience for you, too! Check that out, here.

Feel free to share your own developments; artistic, literary, life-centric and otherwise, in the comments section or by contacting me. I’m always fascinated by the people behind the blogroll, and love to share in the lives we’re all living, when we step away from the keyboards at which I fear we all spend a disproportionate portion of our time. Be well, friends.



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