Living my passion project


For years, whenever anyone asked why I’m a writer, I’ve given the same answer: Because I can’t do anything else. And that’s mostly true. Everyone from my former teachers to the cashier at… Continue reading

Map. guides readers through universal caverns


Tom Dreitlein’s new chapbook, “Map.” serves as just that – an excavation and tentative guide through the imprints his childhood and traumas have had on his psyche. He turns them over on these… Continue reading

Why visibility is important during Fibromyalgia Awareness Month


May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, or so the Internet informs me. May 12 was Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, but today will have to do. As one of the five million Americans affected with fibro, or… Continue reading

Speak, Poet: Poetry in the Queen City


This story originally appeared on The Buffalo News. Read it there to get the full formatting experience. Buffalo’s poetry culture – like the city itself – is clawing its way from shadowy bars… Continue reading

The wearing of the green and what it means


This morning, I woke up with “Wearin’ O the Green” stuck in my head. It’s not the most cheerful of songs: They’re hanging men and women for the wearing o’ the green But… Continue reading

Rotten Kid reveals its author’s vulnerability – scars and all


I was not a popular kid. I read books under my desk during Math class and escaped into worlds kinder than this one. I see myself in “Rotten Kid,” a new hybrid chapbook… Continue reading

Book Review: When Severed Ears Sing You Songs


  I’ve always loved poetry best aloud. There’s something about the cadence of the poet’s voice that speaks to that place beneath my heart, that interprets poetry for me like snare drums reflect vibrations.… Continue reading

Show up. Dive in. Stay in it.


Watching President Barack Obama’s farewell speech last night, a single tear rolled down my cheek. As Obama’s eyes began to moisten and crumple at the edges, his gaze fixed on his wife and… Continue reading

A New Year reflection: Who I am and where I’ve been


Fair warning folks, this is the type of post no one else really wants to read, but accordingly, it’s the kind that really needs to be written. Because some of us, and I… Continue reading

Wrapping presents: A Christmas lesson


I learned how to wrap presents in eighth grade religion class. Our teacher, Mrs. Jebb, showed us how to fold over the raw edges of the paper to make a clean line, how… Continue reading

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