In the pursuit of life, love, beauty and the happiness that comes of the amalgamation.


From dust to dust, in cyclic creation.

I know all has been radio silence here lately, and I apologize for that. But all is not lost! The Pitkin Review, the literary magazine I have been associate editing, designing and producing these past six months, shipped today and will soon be available for purchase online. A link to that will be available as soon as it goes live. Now that production on this issue is wrapped, I’m working on staffing, workflow planning and brainstorming a theme for the next issue, production for which begins in July. I would say there’s no rest for the weary except that literary production is what really butters my bread, along with overuse of cliches in times and places in which I know better, but am too maniacally scatterbrained to think of original descriptors. Consider this my refusal to apologize for them, but acknowledgement that they’re there. It’s tantamount to support one another, as writers, as readers and as lovers of words, so I will never complain about working to do so. (Except when I do, and then I’ll apologize for that, too).

In addition, a story of mine, “Remedial Reading,” will be published in the inaugural issue of Limn Literary & Arts Journal  sometime within the next month, with proceeds’ going to support artists with disabilities. Making art for a good cause? Now that’s something I can get behind.

I have one more (very exciting) piece of news, but excuse me if I keep it a bit close to the vest until further details emerge. All I will say at this juncture is this: it’s going to rock your socks and the body standing in them.

In the interim, I am inundated with words, both my own and those that are sent to me, and loving every second of it. Write on, beautiful people. In love, in life, in lovely life and the recordation of it.


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