Explore. Create. Engage.

Signs pointing every which way create a disturbing abundance of autonomy

Welcome to the Keystroke Inkwell. In this digital age, where our forerunners would have spent hours crouched over writing desks,  streaked with the sticky satisfaction of ink under their fingernails, we modern writers fly our fingers over sanitized keys and pray our words are not similarly impersonalized. Introducing the keystroke inkwell: where words are only as sharp as the quill we write them with, the language only as clear as the computer screen and every word as modern and enduring as the elegant amalgamation of both.

Please feel free to explore, experience and engage in this little hub of activity within the microcosm of my corner of the world, which is a very small place indeed, put that way.

A little bit about who I am and what I do can be found under “portrait of the artist” and examples of my work, musings on what I’m doing and why and when and how (and so forth), news and announcements, et cetera are located under headings having to do at least peripherally with the same.

If you would like to contact me, please do so! I am always interested in hearing from readers, new friends, or fellow travelers on this crazy writing road we’re on.

Stop by again soon, and check back often. This page, still in its infancy, will doubtless be getting bigger, better and more exciting as time goes on. Buon avventura!


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