Domestication Handbook: a fresh take on human as creature.


I didn’t read Domestication Handbook.  I devoured it. Or, it devoured me. Or, I stopped thinking about the distinction as I fell into author Kristen Stone’s unique way with language that begs investigation, mastication… Continue reading

Breathing in keystrokes


  The summer heat reminds me to breathe. I think of things that don’t happen quickly. Ocean waves. Rhythmic, like the planet’s heartbeat. Standing at the edge of the ocean, I once tried… Continue reading

The human machine: displaced, misplaced, replaced. Placed.


The disk was not ejected properly. Please make sure the disk is ejected before removal to avoid damage to the disk. Our electronics are fragile. The computer. The harddrive. Wired for obsolescence. One false… Continue reading

Writing on (writing on) writing without thinking


I write constantly. All day long, there’s a narrator in my head, detailing my every action for my invisible readers. She squinted in the mirror and pulled one eyelid taut. The brush quivered,… Continue reading

In the pursuit of life, love, beauty and the happiness that comes of the amalgamation.


  I know all has been radio silence here lately, and I apologize for that. But all is not lost! The Pitkin Review, the literary magazine I have been associate editing, designing and… Continue reading

Art is everywhere. You just have to find it.


  I’m trying a new form of poetry lately, and loving it. I played with wikipedia a lot when I was a kid, or rather, teenager, because the internet wasn’t really as much… Continue reading

Make art, not war.


Today, I didn’t feel like writing. But man, I DID feel like expressing. You know, when there’s something you’ve just got to say, but it doesn’t want words. It rejects words, rejects the… Continue reading

A writer who doesn’t read is like a musician who doesn’t listen.


I’m reading a poetry anthology called Beauty is a Verb: the New Poetry of Disability, edited by Jennifer Bartlett, Shelia Black and Michael Northen and I want to literally devour it.  I want to break… Continue reading

In a constant process of thinking about things


Sometimes, something as small as a paperback from a friend can change your life. But, like most improbable cliches, the timing has to be right for that to happen. You have to be… Continue reading

To assimilate in America, one must be anything at all. We’ve never yet learned to fit together.


This morning, I woke up in Chicago. As I write this, I’m back in Buffalo. The transition of travel always throws me off my natural axis. I find myself disoriented for days afterward,… Continue reading

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