This is the year of intention


I’m not making New Year’s resolutions for 2016. Resolutions  tend to get broken, and end up in little shattered piles of self-hatred by the end of January. Instead, I’m setting intentions for the… Continue reading

Finding my safe space


The air smells like home the second the cabin door opens. Not the stale sterility of JFK or the slightly moldy aura of Newark and O’Hare. Fiumicino Airport smells like leather and plastic,… Continue reading

Nous t’aimons, Paris


My favorite memory of Paris is peace. My roommates and I were in the city of light for just three days, and wanted to make the most of it. I was the only… Continue reading

In memory of Parker and Ward, and all fallen comrades


Journalists have dangerous jobs. This is not an unknown fact. But the United States of America, heck, a sleepy suburban Virginia town while interviewing a chamber of commerce member about a feel-good story… Continue reading

End the stigma: Fighting for mental health awareness on campus and after graduation


I wrote a lot of bad poetry about rootless trees, as an angsty teen and a lonely college freshman. As an adult writer, my narratives wind around strong-spined women, stand on structure and steel. A… Continue reading

How do you say … Words as catalyst


“How do you say ‘apricot?’” It always happens when people come together, this comparison of speech. Our different accents, languages identify us culturally, geographically. We can wear it like a name tag, calling… Continue reading

On print journalism and what I wish I’d known first


Sometimes, when words fail, I’ll sit and listen to the rhythm of the office around me. The distribution manager talking about delivery complaints and manifests, soothing customers in her soft Canadian accent I… Continue reading

E&P 35 under 25 and what modesty really means


Today, Editor & Publisher’s “25 under 25” list was released, including my name for improvements made under my tenure as editor in chief of The Sun. The editors had told me about the… Continue reading

A benediction of the deadline


After I graduated from my MFA program at Goddard College, I went a little crazy. Deep in the throes of post-graduation panic (a sentence my brutal second-semester adviser would never have let stand),… Continue reading

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust


Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent for the Catholic community. Attending Catholic school as a kid, we all filed down the hallway to the church, rustling in our starched wool… Continue reading

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