What European women get right about food (and life)


This is a crosspost from Greatist, who published this story about how travel helps me maintain a healthy body image. In it, I talk about how leading National Geographic Student Expeditions affords me… Continue reading

New lit mag up: NatGeo Italy-Greece


I’m so proud and excited to share the beautiful, sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes funny, and always insightful work of my students from this year’s National Geographic Student Expeditions trip to Italy and Greece. Check… Continue reading

Baldness Hurts. Here’s Why


My most secret fear when my mom was diagnosed with cancer was her losing her hair. I say most secret, not worst – the worst fear doesn’t need to be spoken – because… Continue reading

The allure of broken things


When I say I love broken things, what I mean to say is I love to know broken things are worthy of affection. And as much as I’ll mourn the first dent, scratch,… Continue reading

Like Echoes in the Mist


I’m excited to announce my essay “Like Echoes in the Mist” won third place in the Able in This Diverse Universe contest, an essay competition whose entry fees helped a little boy named… Continue reading

Help me raise money for cancer research


In almost exactly two months, I’ll be riding 30 miles with the Ride for Roswell, a fundraiser to support the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. It’s a cause near and dear to my heart… Continue reading

Racism in America: I am the problem


Last night on the Oscars, Chris Rock spoke truth to power. His opening monologue laid it all out for us: We are not living in a colorless society. The Oscars aren’t the only… Continue reading

Yes, we still have to protest this shit


It takes years to own the body we’re born into. We slide into skin from the safest place there is, and we come out wailing if we’re lucky. That howl is a manifesto,… Continue reading

Road Story: An Exploration of Place


1. At the Alice in Wonderland University, the rabbit hole was a path to the grocery. Dusty green in its late-fall way, I tripped along it daily, sometimes twice, a safer entertainment than… Continue reading

On dog-calling and what a woman is worth


Last year, we moved to a new West Side apartment and bought a pit bull. My fiance and I had been in the casual market for a dog for awhile, but our one-bedroom… Continue reading

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