Your editor and you: the most necessary relationship you’ll ever have


To the people I’ve asked to read and edit my work: I hate you. I’m also in love with you, in awe of your brilliance and totally bowled over by everything you’ve said.… Continue reading

Sometimes writing is alchemy. Sometimes it’s a coal mine.


This is roughly how much caffeine I have to drink to get motivated, some days. Here’s the thing about writing: I never stop doing it and yet I have the darndest time trying… Continue reading

Why write? Why not?


Why do we write? I meant to ask my students this question during our first class, but I realized I don’t have an adequate answer for them, or that my answer is too… Continue reading

Who owns art, anyway?


The internet is at once a scary and exhilarating place. I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to internet presence and privacy, especially with the recent uproar over SOPA and associated increased… Continue reading

Explore. Create. Engage.


Welcome to the Keystroke Inkwell. In this digital age, where our forerunners would have spent hours crouched over writing desks,  streaked with the sticky satisfaction of ink under their fingernails, we modern writers… Continue reading

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