Portrait of the artist


I am a writer, journalist and educator living and working in the snowy wilderness of Buffalo, N.Y. As a writer, I dabble in creative nonfiction, prose poetry and the occasional foray into fictional whimsy. My work can be found in a variety of both online and traditional print journals and magazines, as well as salon.com and, of course, this site. I hold an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College.

As a journalist, I am the editor of a small community newspaper in upstate New York, covering everything from board meetings to crime, business features, entertainment and the myriad of daily goings-on that fall under none of those categories.

As an educator, I have taught a survey and workshop class on creative writing for adults working in all genres and at all experience levels, as well as a course on memoir for first-time memoir writers, in which we explore our unique stories and turn them into narratives. I have also taught travel photography for high school students and tutored students in SAT English and Writing, both as a private consultant and with the Huntington Learning Center, Inc.